Problems when I try to erase a DVD Rw in Nero

Hi all, I’m new here lol so ya I’m a noob :smiley:

I just recently bought an external DVD RW DL Burner by Liteon. It seems to burn fine with no problems but when I try to erase a DVD Rw disc it has a fit with this error message popping up:

The Wizard cannot finish erasing the disc and has stopped the process. Please try erasing this disc again to make sure that the disc is ready to reuse.

It then closes the DVD’s content window and pops up later with options to ‘play, view files or do nothing’

I try to erase the DVD RW again and the same error keeps popping up…

Any ideas what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance


Dariun, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

It would be helpful if you listed the kind of LiteOn burner (e.g., 1693s) and the firmware (e.g., KS0A, KS0B). While this may be some general error with your LiteOn drive, it’s always a great idea to include the burner and firmware on it. :wink:

Ah, sorry, told you I’m a noob hehe

Well here’s a link to the site where I bought it:

Not too sure about the firmware stuff etc :S

ok, then it is this: LiteOn DVD±R/RW 16x Dual Layer USB2–a SOHW-1673SX-03C. Being a 1673s, this may help narrow things down…

Also, Dariun, it’s a good idea when posting a new thread to write an appropriate title, reflecting the nature of your problem, such as “Problem erasing DVD-RW.” :wink:

What software are you using? Hopefully not XPs built-in CD writer.


I’m using Nero to burn it but the normal Windows window to ‘erase thise disc’… that’s how I’ve always done it :confused:

I have no idea how to erase a disc otherwise :confused:

You can use Nero itself generally. When writing a DVD movie to an RW disk Nero will ask if you want to erase etc.

For other things Nero’s CD-DVD Speed has the option under extras.

Bad idea: Turn the Microsoft stuff off. See pic attached, it’s in control panel / services/ It’s probably trying to format a normal burned disc using packet. Ain’t gona work. Get yourself a free copy of CD_speed from nero. Do a FULL format then a FULL erase and It should bring it back from the dead. Nero itself also contains an erase function that works well also.

Ps: Microsoft in no way has any abilty to work with DVD’s, only CD’s. (something to this day I will never understand, but we are probabley better off they don’t)
There is no way you could have used Microsoft to work with DVD’s. Are you sure you don’t mean CD?

Personally I leave this as it is but switch off CD recording for all my drives. This is My Computer, right click on optical drive & properties. Under the Recording tab uncheck “enable CD recording etc…”

There are some apps around that require IMAPI to be available & for me this hasn’t caused me any problems with the multitude of burning apps I’ve had installed.

Tim in no way do I doubt you but could you share what programs require IMAPI. Im curious. Thanks

Ps: Switching off at drive level is also another good valid way.

I wish you hadn’t asked.

My memory is not what it used to be but I have seen or heard about problems with Imapi disabled & if I could remember I’d happily share with you.

I hear ya dude. Im getting older by the minute at light speed Thanks Bk :flower:


It works! :smiley: hehe, thank you!!!

Just used Nero to erase the disc, took almost 30 mins to clear the disc though heh. Didn’t know Nero had that function :o thanks again all :slight_smile:

Your welcome :flower:

Got to admit it room, when you can help someone you feel good inside :iagree:

And it only took 3 hours to make the man happy. Almost a record I should think.