Problems when flashing LG 8400B to LG 8520

Hi Guys,

tried to flash my 8400B (40x) to 8520 (52x). MTKWinFlash told me that everything worked fine. But during rebooting, my BIOS doesn’t find the drive anymore. It says “NON ATAPI COMPATIBLE DRIVE”.

The CDR is Secondary Slave…

In order to get it back to 40x I used the “normal” Firmware and it works properly. But I’d like to have a 48x or 50x CDR without buying one.

Any Ideas???



Sorry, not possible at this time. Your burner only shares hardware with an inferior model, the 8320B, and only with this you can swap firmwares… however, be happy. The 8400B is a great and fast burner. I have a 8320B flashed to 8400B and a 8480B, and let me tell you the difference in recording speed is small.