Problems when flashed a ND-4570A with 103_rpc1.bin

First off, I am a resident of Region 2 and I am still a relatively DVD newbie.

I own a NEC ND-4570A which was originally shipped with Firmware 1.02.
(Almost) everything went fine with this combination, including Nero Showtime.

Today I flashed it with 103_rpc1.bin. But this turned out to be a mixed
blessing only.

On the one hand driveinfo22.exe displayed the following text:


But on the other hand, Nero Showtime doesn’t recognize anymore video-files
on an inserted DVD under the VIDEO_TS directory, so Nero Showtime halts
with an error message.

Sorry, the folder you selected does not contain a valid DVD-Video,
SVCD or VCD structure …

:sad: Nervertheless .avi files can be played from the DVD smoothly.

Fortunately this process is reversible. I flashed it again with 1.03. Then
Nero Showtime plays those video files trouble-free as with 1.02 :slight_smile: , but
the region code became 2 again, and driveinfo22.exe showed:


Has any1 any idea why :confused:

Suggest you use something like DVD Region Free or AnyDVD

Brother Vlad

Thx for the info, after installing “DVD Region Free”, "Nero ShowTime"
is working again as troublefree as with 1.02 :clap: