Problems w/ Region 2 (UK) Backup

I’m using anydvd with nero recode and I’m trying to back up my region 2 (UK) copy of Arizona Dream (an Emir Kusturica film). Actually, as my dvd player is region 1, I’m really just trying to burn a region free copy, so that I don’t have to watch it on my computer.

Everything seems to work fine with the burn (i.e., I don’t get any error messages or anything). However, when play the burned copy into my dvd player, the audio is perfectly fine, but the video appears strangely scrambled.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem, and if so, have you found a method to successfully burn it?

Thanks in advance.

you’ve sucessfully made the disc region free, but it’s in a PAL format and you’re trying to play it on an NTSC system.

you have to convert formats which doesn’t usually result in very high quality transfer, but you might get lucky.

i know DVD Santa does this. other forum members might have other software solutions.

the best solution is to purchase a multi-format standalone player, but this wouldobviously only be economical if you have many discs that are not in the correct format.

while you’re waiting for more responses, do a search for “PAL to NTSC” and you should get a number of interesting hits.

pal = region 2 etc
if you live in region 1 = ntsc and want to use a pal dvd
you will need a player that reads pal and outputs in NTSC
some of the cheap hong kong dvd players will play both
pal and ntsc and ouput ntsc
cyberhoome 300 is good can pickup on fleabay fo 20 bucks
barring that you can take your backup to one of those
asian video stores that do conversions for about 10 bucks a disk
the duul player would be more feasible in the long run and
you would have a new toy to boot