Problems w/ NERO v5.0.0.3 burning images

hi there!

ever tried to burn an iso-image from e.g. blindread with Nero v5.0.0.3?
it won’t even start to burn!

works all fine with nero v4.0.9.1

any suggestions?


Forget Nero and ISO-Images !

Why don’t you try CDRWin or Fireburner ??!!! They are specially made for this !

cya NET

'cause on the Blindread site it is stated that U get sucessful RAW copies with my HP 9110i using NERO + Blindread - well I even can’t burn an image with NERO v as said, and Fireburner won’t do the trick either (no errors on copy).

Try CDRWin with the RAW box enabled ! Why don’t u use CloneCD with ur HP to copy Protected CDs ?