Problems w/ NEC 2510A

I recently had a PC built for me, my first custom built one ever. It has a bulk version of the NEC 2510a DVD drive which seems to read cd-roms painstakingly slow. It seems to function quite screwy all around but on cd-roms especially, it is annoying. Trying to install software is a nightmare. Sometimes it recognizes the disc, other times it doesn’t. When it does, the install progress bar will either move real slow or just get stuck - usually have to end task to get out of it. Commercial DVDs seem to be no problem though. They load up right away. A few specs about the system:

  • Hard drive is set to “master”, 2510 set to “slave”. There are no other drives.
  • Mobo is a MSI 661FX matx
  • OS is XP Pro, SP2
  • recently updated the 2510’s firmware to the latest version I could find (2.17)
  • Did Windows Update a couple days ago. Would this have updated the driver?

Is there any known problem that would cause the drive to act that way? Or does it sound like I’m stuck w/ a faulty drive?

I don’t even know where to begin troubleshooting so any help is appreciated.


Suggest that you move the drive to the secondary IDE channel - may be in conflict with the hard drive by being on the same channel-

Be sure to place it on the end of the cable and set the jumper on the back to “Master”

Latest 2500/2510 “Official” firmware here: