Problems w/my aopen 1608/arr help

ok i have 2 aopen 1608/arr both were working perfect till the other day. 1 still does but the other only writes unger 1x when im logged on to irc using mirc but writes perfect when im logged off. now this has never happened in the past. does anybody have any ideas?

nice avatar! What is IRC and MIRC? Chat?

yes chat

I have never tried to burn during MIRC chat! It might be a resource/memory issue. Very strange! What environment are you trying to burn in?

i have a 2.7 amd and 1 gig of ddr ram. this just started the other day its never been a problem. but remember its only 1 of my drives the other 1 works fine while on mirc

DVD burning is a hog on resources. So it is definately MIRC related! I would go into your setup programs for Nero/Decrypter/Shrink etc and max out the memory usage custom settings.

Some time that can happen when your hard drive become fragmented. Try to defrag your hard drive. Also do you have the processor and motherboard with multithread technology?.

good point/ do a file clean/disk clean up also and a missing link removal