Problems w/ Lite-On 48x12x48x

I just picked up this drive and it seems to be struggling while copying audio discs.

The “Used Read Buffer” drops from 100% to 0% after burning for about 2 minutes. Then the Smart Burn kicks in, shuts off the burn process, the “Used Read Buffer” builds up to 100% again, and then this whole labored process keeps repeating itself.

My old lite-on 24x12x40x didn’t do this, which was connected exactly the same (burner set to master on secondary channel and DVD/CD player set to slave on Primary channel). UDMA is enabled on my DVD/CD player as well as the CDRW. I flashed the CDRW drive to the latest firmware, flashed the mobo to the latest BIOS and upgraded to the latest version of Nero. I’m at a loss.

Please help!

If you are copying audio discs on the fly, the source drive must be fast enough with DAE to keep up with the burner.

If this is what you are doing, what is the make and model of the source drive (reader)?

Source drive is Toshiba 16X DVD player. I know this particular drive is not supposed tobe great at DAE, but this is the same source drive I used with the older Lite-On CDRW. I did not have any problems with the older CDRW, and I am only trying to burn at the same speed I have in the past (16x).

It seems as if after the burn process starts (after the read buffer initially reaches 100%), the Toshiba source drive simply stops reading. After the read buffer is depleted, Smart Burn shuts down the CDRW, then the Toshiba drive starts to read the source disc again, and the Read Buffer fills up again. Then Smart Burn activates the burn process again until the read buffer is depleted again.

It just keeps repeating this labored process.

Again, the only thing that is different is the burner. I did not have this problem with the older Lite-On drive. So it has to be a defective drive right? Again, I am not even trying to burn/copy at speeds that are faster than I used with older drive. All this is while trying to copy on the fly at 16x.

It’s interesting that while your Toshiba is fast enough at DAE to do a 12x burn on the fly, due to its start speed a 16x CLV burn would seem to have issues. At least, from the DAE test results at Toshiba SD-M1612, the drive doesn’t even reach a DAE rate of 16x until it is about 8 minutes into a 80 minute disc. Although, the speed from there forward is more than adequate for a 16x burn, the initial speed wouldn’t be sufficient to sustain a 16x CLV burn without buffer underrun protection being invoked. How you were able to do a 16x burn with the older drive without problems is a mystery unless the drive was using PCAV instead of CLV (which it should have used).

We could speculate on this and work this problem to death, but my short answer to your problem is to get a high speed DAE reader such a the Lite-on LTD 163/165/166 DVD-ROM series. If you live in the US, Newegg has them for a little over $40 including shipping.

This way you can use the full capability of your fast new burner, which would otherwise be wasted when burning at slower speeds.

I just hooked the older Lite-On CDRW back up and now it is doing the same thing. I must be losing my mind. Maybe I have always had this problem, but since I was not “testing” and closely watching the older burner, I must have not noticed the read buffer continually depleting and recharging.

I find it hard to believe that I alwways had this problem and never noticed it, but I if I did, then it is definitely the Toshiba DVD player.

Thanks for the links to the Lite-On DVD players, I’ll probably pick one up now.

You’re welcome. :wink:

When you get the new drive, for worry free performance, don’t “watch” it. :bigsmile: