Problems w/ hitman 2

After reading all great things about bw I thought I’d try it on a game that so far I haven’t been able to make a back up of. Hitman 2 is really starting to get on my absolute last nerve. I have tried using the “bwa” from this site as well as letting my asus 4816a make one here is the latest report

----- Image verification started -----
HD image is OK
Sector: Bad headers 0 - Bad Edc 0 - Weak 0 - Status 1
File systems: Volumes 2 - files 202 - folders 58
Volume size 550844 boot 0 Vol ID HITMAN2 - 9/20/2002 1:43:00 PM Status 1
----- Image verification ended -----
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
Patin-couffin version 10 in use
Blindwrite Version
CAUTION : Using unknown CD writer.
Unit String : "ASUS CRW-4816A "
Unit 1:0:0 - ASUS CRW-4816A 1.11 [E] (Ide)
Speed Max
VolumeId : “HITMAN2”
Hash : 569AC7FB75AA8C62B49C4E1492486505F8E95F26
HD image “HITMAN2.BWT”
Writing mode : SAO RAW RW
No subcodes in file. they’ll be generated
Sectors read : 275422
Sectors built: 150
CD is complete

the first disk I made was without the bwa (for install), I dropp the original disk in and the game starts without a hitch. the second one is far from flawless
I’m not sure what I’ve gotten wrong, any and all help is apreciated

Change the Writing Mode to “DAO Pw” and burn it again

Thanks, I kinda figured there was a setting I had wrong. I’ll try again tomorrow when I get home.
The folks that created this protection have my admiration, this game has had me scratching my head and saying quite a few choice words since it’s release. Nothing like a really good challenge. Thanks again

just made a working backup of hitman 2 as most people already know BLINDWRITE KICKS @SS:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: