Problems w/ fw1.50 burn speeds

I updated 2 of my 4 109’s today from fw1.17 to 1.50, and now my TY 8x DVD+R’s are only burning at 1.8x max. The 2 set at fw 1.17 still burn at 8x.
Decrypter still shows up to 12x burn support on my media. Has anyone else had this problem?

BTW, I’m using:

WinXP SP2, Dual Xeon Processors, DVDD v., YUDEN000-T02-00

also 1.8x on CMC MAG AE1 (8x -R) so I don’t think it’s a book type +R,-R problem.

Update to the newest 1.55 and try again.

Flashed w/1.55 & seems to be working fine - now, time to see if my DL still works…