Problems w/ Free Fab



I have had DVDFab Decrypter for a little while now, at least through three updates, and every update hasn’t fixed the problem I am having with the start button. It has only appeared fully once since I have been using it. I have attached a picture of what I see most of the time.


This issue has come up before and I found 1 thread, but could not get the search function to work so could not find the other one. I think it has something to do with the language your computer is set to and they change to English to install then change back.

I don’t use the free version, but did post a link in the above thread to a forum with more info. Sorry that I could not give you more info.



Do you have some windows skin installed that could make this happen?


The only thing I have done to windows is change from the blue mode to the silver mode in the appearance settings.


Changing the language was my suggestion but it did not work for the guy who had this problem. Give a try to the appearance setting then but I guess you have already done that.


I finally figured out why the start button will show up like that sometimes and other times it will show the entire thing. If anyone is running a desktop sidebar, mine is google’s, it might cause the start button to not show up all the way. I noticed that when someone had minimized the sidebar and I used DVDFab, but when I would exit out of DVDFab and start again with the sidebar maximized it wouldn’t show up all the way. So, I would assume that the programs could fix that because that is the only program I have problems with showing up different while viewing the sidebar.