Problems w/ Firewall, Underworld:Evolution, and Glory Road



Hello. I am a new poster to this site and hope I can get my problem resolved. I am having problems ‘backing up’ the 3 above titles. I am trying to copy them two different ways. I have tried using my desktop burner along w/ my laptop burner.

I have AnyDVD v., CloneDVD v. Both of these programs are all I have used in the past and have had none to minimal problems copying dvd’s.

My desktop drive is a Memorex 16x +/- DVD-/+RW. and I have a NEC_something on my laptop.

I am using DVD+R verbatim recordable media.

Ok, now for the problems. On my desktop, the same thing happens w/ all three movies. Whenever it is in the processing stage (copying th data onto my hard drive), the thing freezes @ like 10% or so and I have to reboot my machine. The little light on the DVD drive also goes out which means I know there is nothing going on w/ the drive, its idle.

For my laptop…The movie processes 100% fine onto my hard drive and whenever I go put the blank media in, it says that there is something wrong with the media. I know this isn’t true b/c the media is fine…its worked many times before. ALSO, sometimes, the media WILL record to 100% on any of the given titles above that I am trying. However, when the process is finished, it shows the disk as being empty still!! When I put the disk into a dvd player, it also shows the dvd is being blank…and this is after the recording process shows 100% completed and I eject the media.

Any help w/ this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



@ Lanep82,

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Provide to Error Code(s) and the exact complete full Error Narrative you receive when you experience your problem(s).

Also provide the Manufacture Name, Model Number, and Firmware version of your DVD Burner(s). To obtain this information use a software utility program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo (

Suggest reviewing the CD Freaks Forum Rules ( and note the comments concerning Double Posting. You have Double Posted in both the CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum CD Freaks AnyDVD Forums. Double Posting is against the CD Freaks Forum Rules, doesn’t get a reply to your inquiry any quicker, causes confusion and is discourteous to the Forum Member that responds to your inquiry.

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