Problems w/Epson R 380...Need Help!

I print on CDRs and use Neato products for front/back inserts. I use a silver printable surface CDR. Here’s my problem:

When I print a CD, when it is finished, in one particular section there is what looks like a fine scratch (it is in the same spot all the time) the printing itself is fine, this looks like someone took a toothpick and drew a straight line of about a inch. I changed CDs and tray…same problem.

Now here is the rub…I had this same printer new in a box at home, so I brought it in and there still is the line. 2 identical printers w/ the same problem.

Can anyone help.

I would try a different label-printing software as an experiment.
I use a Canon iP3000 with this:
There’s a free trial period.