Problems w/ CDR Identifier 1.63

Hi folks,
Sorry, I was NOT sure where to post my question … so, here it goes, hope someone can help me or telll me where to post for an Answer.
I downloaded the CD-R Identifier 1.63 Freeware program, a very small .exe file and I tried loading it (executing it) everytime it crashed my computer. Luckily my computer re-couped after a Hard Shut-Down. I am running Windows XP Professional. I have NERO CD/DVD Speed program and runs fine. I alos very successfully use DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter so why is ths small CDR program crash myt system … upon crashing I get a BLUE DOS LOOKING SCREEN with the message that SYSTEM has crashed.

CDR Identifier is a VERY OLD program now - for one thing, it uses the ASPI layer. - try Nero Infotool - It’s ID capabilities are similar, and it’s not as old as the hills.