Problems w/1620 install

i’m a new freak so please be gentle…

just bought the oem 1620 from newegg…

this is my first dvd burner, made my decision after reading the boards for several weeks.

my problem, i put the drive in, and it gets recognized by my box(xp pro). i can play a audio cd fine.

when i insert any other software in the drive it spins and i can see the contents in explorer, HOWEVER at this point my box just freezes hard. soft boots, taskmanager, nothing works. i have to hardboot…i’ve done this many times.

i read as much as i could in the last 12 hours, i uninstalled the nvidia drivers, disconnected the drive first too…initially i was not even getting the drive to read a music cd and doing this step at least gets me to this point.

i have downloaded the dvd identifier and flashed to G7Z9. the drive is being identified as Atapi dvd dd…

oh, and the other dvd drive i have installed is having the same issues…

so i relent and seek the wise advice of those on these boards…

i look forward to someday being able to help a newbie who is likewise lost in the darkness

thanks in advance…

Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.

So you have two optical drives in the PC? Any problem with just the BenQ or the other drive? Did you use the Master/Slave jumper settings? Did you reset the CMOS?

Is this a new problem with this PC? Remove the other drive and test only with the BenQ. Also move the BenQ to the SLAVE connector of the Primary IDE cable and retest.

Do you have multiple burn applications in the PC? What are the name of those proggies?

Perhaps you may want to try new 80 wire IDE cable. Most detection issues can be resolved AFTER a clean install of Windows with both optical drives connected to the PC.

From your descriptions, I suspect there MAY be a problem with the drive. Need to run more tests to confirm, though.

sorry i haven’t responded, seems the flu bug has come to my house so i haven’t had time to try much.

ala42, i’ll do the nerotool test later today and let you know.

furballi, yes i checked master/slave and cmos. in fact i switched the two drives around(m/s) and that didn’t work.

i finally did disconnect the other drive and found the 1620 will at least read now…i only had one instance where it locked but was able to use taskmanager to close it down-different from before. my gut is that is a config conflict and not the drive.

a friend at work told me had issues with his dvd install and ended up reinstalling the os and not installing sp2…

i’ll have to do these as i can around the flu…

most appreciate the advice


a friend at work told me had issues with his dvd install and ended up reinstalling the os and not installing sp2…

I have one of my BENQ 1620 drives on a pc that has XP PRO w/SP2. I have no problems with it. In my opinion I don’t think it is SP2 that is the culprit. As already suggested used NERO INFO TOOL so we can see how your drive is set up. I think your problem lies in the nvidia drivers. Delete the ide that your BENQ 1620 is on then let windows reboot. Install the microsoft drivers instead. Good luck and hope you get to feeling better.

Use G7P9 or G7T9 as G7Z9ia a older firmware.

well, finally figured out the source of my problem. the box i installed on was one i built about a year ago. a buddy built roughly the same config and he too had an issue like mine with a different burner.

the solution was to disconnect the power cable and use one of the others that wasn’t being used. for some reason (power supply related we guess) the box was choking, switching the cables took care of this issue. haven’t heard of this before and thought maybe it might help someone else…it could be just the power supply we used for these boxes we built.

thanks to all for their input! i will be updating the firmware as someone else suggested, and i will let you all know how my experience with my 1620 goes…i’ve only done one test burn and it worked fine and i’ll be doing more in the next several days.