Problems viewing burned pictures



I’m new to burning pictures and videos and a little confused about .dat files. I’m using Nero Express that came with my lite-on burner. I want to free up some space by putting some pictures and videos on cd. I finally figured out that I can view my burned videos (the help in Nero Express offered zero help) using Windows Media Player (quality is not great), but I’ve tried all the programs I can think of(Quick Time, Windows Media Player, Power DVD, Real Player) but can’t seem to be able to view burned pictures. Is it the .dat files i need to try to open? Or do I need to shell out for the full version of Nero? Or can I download an update?

Thanks in advance for suggestions,

LPP (in frustration)


The .dat file is the slideshow file consisting of your pictures you created in Nero Express. If you have Nero 6 you can use Nero Showtime to playback your slideshow or
Windows Media Player. What vesion of Nero was bundled with your Lite-On recorder? If you want to backup your pictures using Nero Express select Data>Data Disc nero Express will back up your pictures in the original format .jpg or .bmp.