Problems using Slysoft to copy DVDs

I am using Slysoft with Windows XP home edition. First-time user.

Slysoft is copying the DVDs to my hard drive, to a folder I have set aside for that purpose. BUT, when I open the folder, there are several strange files, as if the DVD was copied in fragments. They have strange file extensions like BUP.

When I click on the icons in the folder, some of them will allow me to play the entire movie. Problem is, there are a few that do that same exact thing.

How do I know which file to burn as a backup DVD?

After Slysoft rips the DVD to the hard drive, and I can decipher the group of files, what’s the best way to get it to a new DVD disc?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

DVD Shrink is a nice follow-up.

If you use ANYDVD to rip the disk to the hard drive, you can use DVD Shrink to process it.

If you own CloneDVD, you could also use that I believe.

what was the name of the program you used to do this? Anydvd?

you will need clonedvd, dvdshrink, nero recode etc to do this

These sound like the normal file set for the DVD Video standard. The file extension .bup indicates a backup of another of the files, such as the .ifo (information) file.

The .vob files contain the actual movie, but are segmented into 1 GB chunks to allow access under a wide range of players and computers. When played back, the information in the .ifo file will ensure it is seamless.

Just use a suitable burning application such as Nero or ImgBurn to burn the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders to a DVD double-layer disc. If you don’t have such discs and they won’t fit on a 4.7 GB disc, then as BK says you can use DVD Shrink to mount the Video_TS folder and reduce it in size.

It sound like you have all the files on the hardrive they will be in a folder called video_ts and they will be files like VIDEO_TS.BUP AND VIDEO_TS.IFO AND VTS_01_0.VOB. If you click on the video_ts.ifo file it should play the whole movie. If you look on the dvd you used to back them up you will find that these files were also on the dvd.
Assuming you used anydvd to burn them to your hardrive you will need a program like dvdshink to shink it to fit dvd-5 disk which is the standard size dvd or if you purchase dvd DL you can burn it with without shinking the movie.

The simple way is use clonedvd2 and anydvd both from slysoft and burn the disk in one process.

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