Problems using plextor premium

Topology to be reproduced with Premium, but writing device is not premium. Write aborted.
15.02.2004 11:25:05 info Writing CD-ROM Disc [G2ADDON1] - Image Size 834 MB
15.02.2004 11:25:05 info Writing device : 1:0:0 - PLEXTOR CD-R PREMIUM 1.05 [D] (Ide)
15.02.2004 11:25:05 info Imported file format - BwaBuilder (BWA) - Quality 100%
15.02.2004 11:25:03 info BWT 5 file contains topology data: Quality 0%
15.02.2004 11:25:03 info Loaded write profile Automatic
15.02.2004 11:25:03 info Launched with external parameters
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info Using Patin-Couffin driver Version 1.19, Internal revision 19
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info ParamStr 2 = “C:\WINDOWS\bw5.ini”
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info ParamStr 1 = “/ini”
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info ParamStr 0 = “C:\Eigene Programme\BlindWrite\bw.exe”
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info User default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info System default language : 1031 (0x0407h) - German (Standard)
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info Version
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info Title : BlindWrite
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info ExeName : “C:\Eigene Programme\BlindWrite\bw.exe”
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info OS : Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
15.02.2004 11:25:02 info ******************** Report session started ********************

Does anyone already had this error? how to fix it?

you have to use a cd-r and not a cd-rw :wink:

your reply was it. but i also got a succesfull backup with frozen throne on a cd-rw. maybe g2 is to big for overburn.

there is a bug (well not really a bug but…) with the latest versions of blindwrite that topologies read by most writers always give a topology quality of zero. I have the same problem with my premium and my litey 52x32x52x16x combo and my litey 40125s

Try a cd/dvd-rom to produce the topology or a way around it is to use the bwa builder and just after the 3rd clump cancel the reading. from there use the clean button and it will give you a topology the same as any other. Then use this when copying. Bw only needs the first clump (sorry about the technical wording here :wink: just can’t think what to call it) to make a good copy. You can then use you premium to finish the writing and hey presto a perfect copy.

If you cannot be arsed with all that rollback to 5.02 version (hence the stable version on their website) and just let it run like normal.

Or as already mentioned use a cd-dvd-rom drive. My ltd 166s works perfectly for this giving me 100% everytime. The i use my premium to write.


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