Problems using Nero API


I wrote my own burn software using the documentation of Neros API. I developed my software using MS Visual Studio 6.0. When I run my own program, or a sample program which comes with the documentation of Neros API, after completing the burn process, Neros main burn function "NeroBurn()" returns and Ill get 78 (!) exceptions …

First-chance exception in MyOwnBurnProgram.exe (KERNEL32.DLL): 0xE06D7363: Microsoft C++ Exception.

This happens even when I run the sample from the documentation “NeroFiddles”.

Maybe someone can help me?
The programs runs but I don`t wanna get 78 exceptions after the burn process.

See you, Tomas

maybe you’ve coded summat wrong? which i might tell if i can take a look @the prog

If you are also a C++ developer with Visual Studio 6.0 you may can help me. Find the whole poject in

This program just burns one file from a file selection to a cd/r or to an empty cd/rw.
You cannot delete a cd/rw with it.

Maybe you can help me.

Just set a breakpoint to the call of neros api function "NeroBurn". Also put a breakpoint right behind this functioncall. Youll see that you get in a debug session 78 first-chance exceptions right after the function NeroBurn has finished an the focus is back in the program NeroTest.

Hope to hear from you again, Tomas