Problems Using DVDClone2

Hi there, first time post for me.
I’m having issues with using DVD clone. I used to use Shrink and copytodvd to rip and write DVD movies. This was fine but DVDclone/AnyDVD seemed to do the job better and faster. I am now having problems reading in the Discs I have created. DVD players and My PC play the movie fine but when I try and rip another copy from it I get read errors, error message ‘cyclic redundancy check’. I used to get this error now and then on dvdshrink with dirty/damaged discs etc… but I am getting at least 7 or 8 out of 10 coasters when using dvdclone. My PC/Writer are less than 6 months old and I can’t find any newer drivers than I already have. I have used at least 4 different makes of DVD, including TY’s which I have had hardley any coasters from in the past. I have tried shutting all other pgms down on my PC, eg Firewall, wireless router etc… but I get exactly the same results, ie. A Succesful rip and copy but then redundancy checks on the copied disc when trying to read it back in for another copy.
Sorry if it’s a long post but I’m pulling my hair out trying to resolve. Can anybody help ?

Crc errors should really not have anything to do with the burning software. What burner/firmware and media are you using? Have you run scans to see what the burn quality is like?

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Agree with chas0039,
Media and Burner related problem, also what for a burning speed you’ve used on these media(?)?

Burner is TSSTCORP CD/DVDW TS-L532M. (internal on a HP ZD8000 laptop).
Media is TY (8x).
On DVDClone the speed is selected as ‘maximum’.
No I hav’nt run any scans, I would’nt know what I was looking at to be honest if i did. I’ve seen your thread on your perfect scan and it’s all a bit over my head.

Try cdspeed to see what the actual media id is. Also it will allow you to run a transfer rate test to see how the media is reading. I don’t have experience with Samsung burners but I would start by burning at 4X. Maximum may be higher than 8X and in any case, TY 8X media will often do better at 4X on many burners.