Problems using DL DVD+R

Please advise. I haven’t had any problems copying regular DVDs. Now that I have DL DVD+R …just not working too well.

Media: Playo DL DVD+R (ok, i’ve read that it’s garbage)
Burner: Sony DRU 810A (upgraded the firmware yesterday)

I’ve been using the Express mode in DVDFab…made sure to check Enable double layer burning.

Here’s what happening.
Takes forever to do read. Then it takes even longer to write. Finally, it returns Error 14 or Error 12.

Please advise.

Do you have the latest version of DVDFab?

Try a different combo.

AnyDvD with DvD Decrypter
DvD Decrypter with RipIt4Me

Use Imgburn to burn to your image. Make sure you booktype your +R DL to DvDRom.

Always burn to your HD first,check and then burn to disk.

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You’re right, dump the crappy media for starters. The only recommended DL media that you’ll see here on cdf is verbatim DL +R. Most folks are using MKM 001.
In express,
error 12 = “Initialization of the writing device has failed”
(we’ll need specifics from you here)
error 14 = “Media is bad”
(says it all… :wink: )

You didn’t give much detail…express version, burner, MID, burn speed, etc., etc. As platinumsword suggested, be certain you’re current, both with the app and your burner’s firmware.
For DL burns, I think you’ll be far better off with Fab’s new program…Fab 3 Beta 10 (probably last of the beta’s). There are marked improvements with the new program, especially re: DL burns. I’ve burned 25-30 DLs so far…absolutely flawless. These burns are every bit as good as what I got with dvdd (& AnyDVD) and Img. For the most part, I’ve used “clone” mode, but have had excellent results with “full disc”. Main movie continues to be excellent as well.
Fab 3 Beta 10

Hope this helps

Meant to reference that link, here you go…