Problems using clone dvd and sony DVD+R media

I copied 3 different movies using ANY DVD and Clone DVD software using Sony DVD+R blank media. only half of all three movies burned to the media.
Also having alot of error messages like the media is damaged or dirty when I put the blank media into the burner. i am using a dell inspiron 6000 laptop with a sony dvd burner. if you have any suggestions email to


Can you post the media id using nero’s cdspeed or dvdidentifier?

also… what sony burner are you using…
Sonys are known to be picky drives…
I seriously doubt its a problem with your media… The Sony +R’s are rebadged Taiyo Yudens - but like the previous post stated, if you could post the media id

It’s not a must be Taiyo Yuden.

not necessarily…only if they are 8x, MIJ. it’s very likely they are NOT TY in fact…