Problems using 8X or 16X media in slower writer?



Can someone clarify the problems with using faster DVD-/+R media in a slower writer?

I have seen on the packaging of some 8X DVD-R media a warning about using it in 1-4x burners. They say it may damage your writer and direct you to It seems from this that this is exclusively a problem relating to certain Pioneer writers. Is this correct?

I have a LiteOn SlimType SOSW 852S which is supposed to be able to burn DVD-R at 4X. Will it be OK to use 8X (or even 16X) rated media, even if I can’t access the higher speed? It is getting more difficult these days to find “slow” media.



Well, my sony 4x burner wouldn’t even write to 8x media. So I bought a dual layer 16x.
Very hard to find 4x media that is worth anything these days.



Check here for some Taiyo Yuden 4x -R: - or -



Thanks for that. However I’m in the UK, unfortunately!

Anyone recommend a reliable UK based supplier that is not likely to be selling T-Y “fakes”? I see a lot of discussion around these disc using T-Y media codes but not really manufactured by them, but it seems sometimes difficult to tell which are genuine (until you get them delivered of course!).

Also, my original question remains… is using media rated faster than your drive generally dangerous, or is it only the Pioneers mentioned on that need the firmware upgrade to be safe.

My writer (LiteOn Slimtype SOSW 852S) is supposed to write DVD-R at 4X, but I want to know if I can safely buy the more common 8X media.



Not sure what they have in terms of slow stuff but its all genuine stuff.

Good Luck


The big deal with fast media in a slower writer is pretty firmware dependent… Some manufacturers don’t update old burners with new firmware that knows about the newer media codes, and some do. If it works for you, you’re probably fine, it won’t damage the drive or anything. Pioneer has always been somewhat lacking in media support, so it could very well be a problem in their older writers, as you mentioned.


Thank you all for your advice. I’ve heard a few recommendations for now so I think I will go for them.

Thanks also for the advice about fast media/slower writers. I am reassured I will not be likely to cause damage to the drive!


The warning label on higher speed media, usually refers to a problem that originally started with the Pioneer 104, without a certain firmware it could be damaged by trying to burn 4x or higher media. This was corrected with a firmware upgrade, and to my knowledge was never an issue with any other burner. Hope this helps.


Thanks, pacmac, this is really the confirmation I was looking for! :smiley: