Problems USB CD writer and Windows 95



To expand my Compaq laptop Armada 7400 with some "burning" qualities, I recently bought an external HP USB 8200 CD(Re)writer (4xw / 4xrw / 6xr).
The laptop is running on Windows 95. Unfortunately it seems (maybe that is not the case) there is only one driver on the market for this CDwriter, which needs Windows 98 !!
Probably because the USB possibilities in windows 98 are much higher than in win95.

I cannot format my laptop to install windows 98 and the upgrade from 95 to 98 seems very dangerous to do. I know already two people who did an upgrade and had serious problems after that with their laptops (a lot of blue screens)....

Does anybody know a good solution ???
(maybe a USB patch for windows 95 or a windows 95 driver,.......)



Win95 does not have inbuilt USB support.
If you cannot get WIN95 USB upgrade from Compaq (don’t try anywhere else as Compaq is about as truly IBM compatible as an Apple), and you cannot get Win95 drivers from manufacturer of the burner you have wasted your money.