Problems upgrading GDR-8161

Yesterday I bought a new pc-game (on dvd-rom), I have been waiting for its release so long now, but when I put in my dvd drive the drive wont read the disc. Ok, so obviously I have to update the firmware for better reading. Since my floppy drive is not working I have made a bootable cd and so far everything is so good. My computer boot from the cd.

I think I have done everything correctly, I have put the f/w files on the cd, in the right folder, I hope. How do I know which folder it should put them in? The problem starts when I am about to flash. I get the message “Download file gdr-8161B0102.dld is not found”. I have checked so that the bat-file is correct. In my case, the dvd-rom is on Second Master. My command would be this I guess; flashup gdr-8161b0102.dld 2/c/o


One more thing, in Device Manager I have two dvd devices. One generic SCSI dvd rom device. But I only have one (the LG drive). What is this? Is this something I should uninstall?

Please help me, I really would like to play my game now… :bow:

A VIRTUAL DRIVE most likely…

Problem solved…costed me 25 euros, but my new dvd-rom read every single data on that disc… :smiley: