Problems upgrading from Windows ME to XP

Jan/2006 I erased my os windows me using windows xp(new full version)cd with the help of a dell tech. It didn’t work! windows me was never erased,my os is confused who it is, me or xp.
Why wasn’t windows me erased? Do you think it is
because “quick” install was chosen?

I would like to try again myself, I want to do it correctly, what install do I choose, also I only have a windows me device drivers cd, which isn’t compatable
with xp, do I need to install device drivers? I am having trouble obtaining this info from dell.

Thank you.


Welcome to CD Freaks :)…

If you upgrade from a previous version of Windows, then XP keeps the original OS installation files in case you want to go back. These can be erased if you want, although there shouldn’t be any interference.

On Dell machines the original OS supplied with the computer is retained as a restore partition on the system disk. Have you tried to reinstall this by accident…?

You shouldn’t need device drivers in XP, since they are almost always included. Have you installed the XP service pack 2 (SP2)…?

Dear Imkidd57:

What I previously wanted to do was to erase windows me completely(because it is
corrupted) and install a new “full version” of windows xp.(No Upgrade), which includes
SP2. This was done with the help of a dell tech, however it didn’t work. I want to
retry. You are saying device drivers are almost always included. That is good to hear, it still puzzles me why windows me didn’t erase. Do you know if it has anything to do with “quick” install being chosen?

Thank you.


If you did a full backup (which we should all do before upgrading like that) you could boot off of the XP CD and do a FULL FORMAT to NTFS using the stuff built-in to the XP Install Routine, then point it to that C: drive and tell it to go ahead and install.

Or you could download a boot CD:

and try it from there.