Problems updating firmware for TEAC CD-W540E

Hi !

I wanted to update the firmware on my TEAC CD-W540E (40x12x48x) from version 1.0C to the latest (1.0K).

So, I’ve downloaded this file: and followed the instructions, but the update process stops with the message “Please remove any disc from drive then click YES to continue”. The thing is that there is no disc in the drive (never was one), but if I click “YES” for that message after a few seconds that message pops out again and again and again…so I’ve clicked on “NO” then rebooted the machine.

This is my system:

ASUS P4PE with intel 845PE and the burner is on IDE Secondary Master (on Secondary Slave I have a TEAC CD-ROM 40x max).
I’m using Windows XP Pro with SP1a (logged in as administrator).

  1. Is there any chance that I could damage in ANY WAY the old firmware if I stoped at that point with that message? I’ve burned a CD-R after this and everything went OK. :slight_smile:

  2. What’s the problem with updating the firmware ? Should I stop trying ? I don’t want to damage my burner for some speed improvements. :slight_smile:

Thank you for help ! :bow:

It is always possible to damage your burner when attempting to update the firmware, but I cannot recommend an update ever unless there are major features to be gained or the user is experiencing problems that could be fixed by an update. Are you sure that you have checked that all of the precautions are valid?

  1. Precautions in executing this program
    3-1. Remove any discs from the CD-W540E before executing this program.
    3-2. Do not try to access the drive while update is in process.
    3-3. The firmware update may not work properly while certain packet
    writing software is installed. In this case, you must first
    disable the packet writing software before starting this program.
    3-4. UpdaterW540E.exe requires administrator privileges
    to run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.