Problems trying to record from HBO channels

I just purchased a dvdr3475/37 and I’m freaking out, I can record everything but HBO programming, I keep getting the error message “this program will not record in +VR mode”, is it the disc I’m using (DVD+R), or what?

NO brownsuga2go its not your disc, its the dvr it won,t let you copy write protected TV content. I had to order a video decoder in order to copy HBO, and others.

It’s definitely not the type of disc, it’s more the issue of copy-protection. Most recorders record video signals in VR mode.

Cable boxes and PVRs provided by the signal providers will play/record the shows in their proprietary-right encrypted modes which allow their Boxes/PVRs to play/record copy-protected shows, such as HBO Premium and watch them but won’t allow you to record them when played through a stand-alone recorder to copy because the recorder will recognize the encrypted copy-protection scheme and just not record the signal.

It’s seems that based on various reports from users that it’s appears to be dependant on what your provider is encrypting, seems to vary from one provider to another, also some recorders will record, not sure if it’s the type/brand of recorder or the lack of encryption that allows some users to record Premium channels and others not, but when it prevents you from recording with a message like that, it’s copy-protection.

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