Problems trying to flash back my 1213s

I flashed my 1213s to the TSOD firmware and did a few burns and checked pi and pio errors, then I flased to 1653s fwCSTJ and did more burns and checked for errors. Last, I went ahead and flashed to the Sony fwBYX3 and burned and checked.
Yes, I used EEProm Utility and backed up my firmwares 2 times(onto the harddrive and onto a floppies). Well, I deciced to go back to the 1653S fw.CSTJ because that gave me the best results. I tried EEprom and it went through all the motions and accepted and it acknowledge that it worked, I rebooted the system and checked with Nero and it did NOT change. So I tried a different fw. and that did NOT help or change. Im still stuck at the Sony BYX3 firmware. Any ideas?

get this firmware:

load the flasher into omnipatcher:

enable crossflashing, save the firmware and apply it. the eeprom is NOT the firmware!

Thanks, got it