Problems trying to burn a DL

This is my first (failed) attempt at burning a -DL disc.

I have now done two successful burns on to single layer discs, one with “movie only” which did keep the correct chapter positions and one with the entire disc which did not. I suppose that I should be grateful with that but my curiosity drove me to buy both a blank +R DL and a blank -R DL. I tried two tests this morning and had to stop to go to work (wah!).
Both were on the -DL as this is the only one mentioned on the dvdidle site. The first said “failed while writing” and ejected the disc. I was hoping the disc was still blank and tried again making two changes in the wizard; SAO/Packet and changing the speed from Fastest to Recommended.
The second test had the writing window but no progress after 10 mins. I had to stop and shut down then.


1: Should I have tried with the +DL?

2: Another thread suggests that as well as checking the Dual Layer box in the wizard settings one should also set something called Target Size, changing it to 8500MB. I can’t find this anywhere. I downloaded this as a free trial four days ago so I don’t know what version I have - this may be the reason that the Target Size isn’t there (if my version outdates the thread). Can anyone suggest a very simple procedure for me? I really don’t know what things like SAO and Packet mean. I just want to burn a DL 1:1 with no compression and keep all the menus.

3: Does the express function automatically detect a DL disc? It would be great if I just had to click one of the two choices and get my chapters to remain.

Thank you guys,


DL’s - really don’t use FAB for the DL’s, mainly as normally rips/burns fine with +DL (never have used -DL), often has problems on layer break…usually you can’t get it to continue during playback, but certainly not seamless. Might have finally have been corrected in…but haven’t tried, for these burns (and they are very infrequent), use the anydvd (cost), dvdecryptor (free), and imgburn (free).
Note the trial version is exactly the same as registered.

-Express - actually above applies to express, never see need to use gold for a DL attempt. However neither version “auto” detects DL discs - you must select that, but generally don’t have to get into the “size” setting. (believe target size only in Express mode)

Also, FYI, most issues encountered are with the Full disc backups(especially recent discs) - whether via express (compressed), or DL…Main Movie only backups generally error free, and even with fair amount of compression, look very good.