Problems transferring DV camera video

I have instant copy by pinnacle , and anydvd copy guard remover , and they seem to work fine, I recommend them to anyone as an inexpensive option to clone new DVD’s, as the old dvd43 is no longer being updated even though instant copy sometimes masters the disk wrong, when you copy the entire disk instead of just the movie . If anyone hasa better program to suggest I would appreciate it .Alcohol 120 does not recognize my dvd burner .My real question is what program can I get that will recognizemy dv camcorder .I have XP and XP has a driver thats not compatible with Nero, and vision 4.0 crashes whenever I try to record the movies from my camera .I am not really too literate but is there a driver that I can install that will not crash Nero ? Or will going to another editing program work better for me ? Hello and thanks in advance for anmy suggestions they will be appreciated .sincerely Dano53

what version of nero do you have ?? nero7 ultra can handle all that you posted, with anydvd nero recode will work for your DVD’s, whole disc or main titles, nero vision can handle the camcorder… there is a trial version at

sorry…I do that alot…forgot what you said about nero vision crashing !! are you using a system ASPI adaptec by any chance ??

:bow: Thanks for your reply .I relly like Nero But when it goes wrong it really goes wrong and takes a lot of cleaning and reinstalling .I think Adaptec sounds familiar and I used to have a teac cd player that came with an Ez Cd creator and I do have a lot of different programs that may use an adaptec aspi .What If I did first off how would I find out and secondly how am I to disable it .Thanks as you can see I am not really up to speed with most members of this group so I hope you are not frustrated by my questions even if they may seem dumb to you its only because I am dumb about what I am doing, and Nero shuts me down when I go to them for help, something about a bad id number on my program, and I am not going to fight with them anymore because they screw the program up up each tme I visit their website and I have to do a clean and a fresh install , even though I have the cd, and the package with the number on it the newer updates of the version I have must be inappropriately integrating with my older program even though they install . Thanks for your help in advance if you can offer any advice on aspi locations, and removals thats good .I will try almost anything except doing anything with Nero again because everything except my vision 4.0 USB canmcorder recognition screen, works fine . Dano53