Problems to create a Music & Data CD



Hi, this is my first time on this forum.
I’ve spent some days and some CD-R discs trying to create a Music & Data CD with 12 songs (first session) and my daughter home page (second session) - html, jpg and autorun files.
After 10 CD-R discs incorrect burned (mosted of them just can’t be read or played, some of them with audio only) I realized that the only way a can get a good CD with the song and data I want (using Nero 6.6 and LG drive GCC4521B) is to record directly on a CD-RW disc.
So, with a good CD-RW on my hands, I thought that now the Elby Clone CD could help me to create other CD-R discs with same content.
However, using the Clone CD or the Nero, I just got a CD only with the music or a failed CD respectively.
Please, somebody tell how can I create this Music & Data CD or - better - how can I clone/dupplicate the (good) content of the CD-RW I already have in hands in another blank CD-R discs (I’m assuming that is the easiest way).
I also have another recorder that can be used (MicroAdvantage 16x8 DVD recorder driver) but I just didn’t tried since I lost too many nights and dics already!