Problems to convert 16:9 AVI for internet use

I have a big problem
i want to upload an 16:9 DV-AVI (thats what its called in premiere if i export it. actually its an .avi file. 720 to 576 pixels 25frames/second, bit rate 1536kbps, data rate 29629kbps) movie file on the internet
and because i am travelling in asia it should be as small as possible (but with an ok quality)
so i tried to convert it with premiere and divx but with both programms the result allways is a squeeced 4:3 version
but it should stay 16:9
what can i do???
I try that scince many weeks
please help me
if You know a way to convert an 16:9 avi file into a good small file that is good for YouTube or platforms like that please tell me
thank You a lot!

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