Problems this weekend - Power Supply Crash

OK - we’re not having any luck the last days.

First of all sorry, for my late replies. I’ve been working 80+ hours the last week to keep everything up and running & I couldn’t see any computer this weekend :slight_smile: Also, my best friend (finally) graduated (he is over 30 :cool: ) so I was at his party Friday and Saturday.

It seemed we had a power outage last Friday night. One of the webservers made the whole rack crash because it’s power supply flipped. Most of the servers had a second power supply plugged, but our new “static” server (see my earlier post about this) with all the images, CSS and JS files on it, didn’t. So this server went down, showing probably a crappy page as result :sad:

As it happened while everybody was sleeping, the hosting guys didn’t saw it until 8pm in the morning. They hurried over to the datacenter, but unfortunately they also had some troubles getting in… as nobody from WideXS was there.

So all in all it took a few hours before everything was back online. However, the webserver is dead, so we are missing one at the moment. Unfortunately we can’t use it anymore, so we have to figure out a way to solve this… (anybody got some servers left :bigsmile: ).

Most of the stuff is solved now, but we are working hard again to fix things which are not really working out in this MyCE beta version style. Your opinion is appreciated a lot, so expect some more posts the coming time where we will ask for your feedback.

Uh… What am i supposed to say?

[QUOTE=MP|3;2460491]Also, my best friend (finally) graduated (he is over 30 :cool: )…[/QUOTE]

Wow. That’s a long time to be in high school. :stuck_out_tongue: