Problems swapping dvd-rom for a LG gsa-4167b DVD-RW



hi. i am relatively new to handling hardware on pc’s. i have a dvd-rw (LG Multi-DVD Drive GSA 4167B; Rom Version DL10) that was used in an old computer that is now kaput. i wanted to install it in another computer that is good that currently has a cd-rw and a dvd-rom, 2 seperate drives.
i took out the dvd-rom (disk 0) and installed the DVD-rw and ran the firmware that i downloaded from the internet (it was updtated to a DL13) to update the drivers and what not.
however, the computer that i installed it on is only recognizing it as a dvd-ram, not a dvd-rw.
can anyone help me out with this problem?
it’s a windows xp machine.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That’s normal for LG drives - all my LGs are recognised as DVD-RAM as well, as they support it, as well as the usual CD/DVD media.

Have you tried burning to it, or updating the firmware, since you say you downloaded DL13?