Problems splitting DVDs with Intervideo DVDCopy3



Hello. I just got a burner (yeah, total n00b here) and have started making backups. I shrunk down sex in the city season one (for my wife :slight_smile: ) CD1 (a DL) onto one disk and it worked fine. I then tried to make a split disk of the next cd. The split cds each boot up to a menu but the episodes are all jacked. CD1 has episodes (of 1 - 6) 2,4, and 5 on it. CD2 has episode 1 and 3 and neither cd has episode 6. What is going on here?

Also, I attempted to backup Shark Tale (for my kid, when am I ever going to get to back up a movie for myself here?) and I decided not to shrink it because the quality would be bad. So I chose the movie only option. When I put the dvd in it won’t play. ARGH. So then I try to split it and neither dvd will play. So 10 coasters later I am ready to go apesh*t here. I set it to “custom” and picked out everything except the main movie and menu and still nothing.

What is going on here with both of these cases?


I only tested DVDCopy 3 for a few hours and was not happy with the application. There are some at the AFTERDAWN forum that swear by this program.

I think AnyDVD and CloneDVD are best for new users. You can download them at DVD2ONE also works well with AnyDVD.

What is the brand of the burner? You can download DVD Identifier to ID the media code. Avoid Memorex and cheap made in Taiwan media. Best Buy has a 50 pack Made in Japan 8X DVD+R Fuji/Taiyo Yuden on sale for $20.


i’ve split successfully with Intervideo DVDCopy3. episodic discs are known to pose plenty of issues when programs “automatically” re-author. i believe this has to do with the difficulty in reading the IFOs and corresponding VOBs. with regard to Shark Tale, if you’re using +R discs, are you setting the booktype to DVD-ROM? it could be a stand-alone player not liking +R discs.

as furballi asked, what burner? does it have the ability to error check?


my burner is a Sony DRU-710A. I do not know if it error checks.
As to the disks, I am using a 50 pk I got from staples. They are staples brand DVD+R. How do I change it to the DVD-Rom setting you are talking about? The options available on this program seem very limited.

I chose this program mainly based on the review at this site:
They showed it to be far and away the best prog. But the compression I did of the one sex in the city dvd looked somewhat grainy.

I am using AnyDVD. Does clone dvd split?
I am thinking about splitting because I want to retain picture quality. If there was an easy way I wouldn’t mind dumping all the extras though just to squeeze it onto one dvd.

Thanks for all the help! I am about to throw this thing out the window!


CloneDVD will split DVD-9 to two DVD-5s. Personally, I see no improvement with DVDCopy3. Staples media is no good. Get some Made in Japan DVD-R by Sony and retest.

Shrink is a very powerful reauthoring tool, but it is not easy for beginners to master.


As I have just purchased DVDcopy3 I am not in a hurry to dump it so quickly and invest in another. Do you really think that the media is going to make that much of a difference, when it is working fine burning other stuff and hass been recognized by my dvd player?
I have tried to burn this so many times that I do not think that it is a media issue (statistically media should not have this high a fail rate) and I think that it is a problem with my settings…


Good media won’t fix the episode problem, but it will cure most skippings, pauses, etc… Check out other comments about Staples DVDs. Be more specific about the playback issue. You said the DVD would not play???

You can set the Sony to set the booktype of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM. This may help with the playback. Most newer DVD players (2 years old) should work with DVD+R media. El cheapo players may need to see DVD-ROM or DVD-R.

DVDCopy 3 comes with a trial period. Always make sure that the application does what you want it to do before forking over your $. I hope you didn’t paid full price for this software, because you still need a decoder to backup movies.

Perhaps they could refund your $ it it has only been a few days.


I have the decoder, I am using the Anydvd prog from slysoft.
What do you not like about intervideo dvdcopy3?
As to the problems, ignoring the episodic issue, the split dvd will not play. I am playing them on my xbox. I get the xbox screen logo and then nothing happens at all, just a gray screen.

Thank you for the quick replys


Search for DVDCopy 3 in this forum and check out my review. You can also search under my name. BTW, I did mentioned in the review that DVDCopy 3 is weak in the chapter management area.

XBOX may not like DVD+R media. Try DVD-R or set DVD+R to DVD-ROM when you burn the media.

XBOX will play the first DVD? Only playback issue with the second (split) DVD? If so, then you may want to drop a note at the AFTERDAWN forum. I no longer have DVDCopy 3 on my computer to double check the settings.


wow. I come home and install dvdclone, crawling over the discarded pile of fresh coasters, and this new program works the first time. Unreal. Thanks.


No problem. The CloneDVD/AnyDVD forum is also very good…just a few lines down @ CDF.