Problems shuting down!



After installing Win98 SE ,my pc either restarts or hangs when trying to shut it down! I faced the same problems on another pc with the same copy of Win98.
Any ideas???



Could be the hardware thats in the pc?

conflicting with other hardware, so pleaze post more info.


i dont think it has anything to do with hardware , since both computers were shuting down normaly with the older version of Win98.
I suspect it is my copy of Win98 SE.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated…!


It’s a well known problem, there some solutions to solve this problem :

Solution 1
click the start button and than run there you type msconfig.exe
In the helpfile for system configuration you click the button advanced, and you put of the button fast shutdown.

Solution 2
Or you can download the official patch from microsoft to solve this problem at under the line recommended updates. It calls Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement

Solution 3
You can look in the knowledge base

Hope this solves the problem


Thanks both of you guys!
i am going to try them out right now…

Best regards


And does it works now?


Well…until now i have done around 8 succesful shut downs(!!!)
I suppose your tips did the job.

By the way does any of you know anything about the question i posted at your hardware forum???(yamaha 4416 to 6416)

You guys rock…thanks once again!!