Problems setting up wireless network

Packard Bell Club 80 450mhz PIII, 128mb RAM, Maxtor 30Gb hd, Sagem F@st 800 E3 adsl modem, Tiscali broadband, xp professional sp2. ali usb2 pci adapter card

I have purchased and installed a netgear FA311 32bit 10/100 PCI ethernet card for the initial setup as this old pc did not have an ethernet connection.

Next, I added a netgear DG834GUK 54mbps wireless adsl2+ modem router and followed the wizard on the installation cd - which was a hit and miss affair but eventually worked connecting to the internet via the ethernet cable. I then installed a netgear WG111GE 54mbps wireless usb adapter and appeared to have this working very briefly before the whole system crashed :sad: , ie the pc failed to boot properly, with the boot sequence repeating continually, and could eventually be started in safe mode and resurrected by an earlier system restore.

I could use the new router to connect to the internet but when I opened Outlook Express a dial up prompt box appeared and failed to connect me as the program still appeared to be trying to use the usb wan dsl adapter which previously linked the Sagem broadband modem to the internet.

I have tried the installation of this wireless setup with and without the Sagem usb modem attached/installed.

Any pointers as to where I could have gone wrong? I am keen to get the email setup correctly via the new router. House renovation coupled with pcs for xmas presents makes wireless an urgent necessity!

The computer may be choking up: slow speed, not enough RAM. :Z