Problems Scanning (+RW) Media

Burner: Lite-On SOHW-1633 (FW: BS0K)

Media: RICOHJPNW11 (Fuji 4x DVD+RW)

Software: KProbe v2.4.2

Problem: When i auto-detect size on an +RW (any brand), it’ll tell me 510:3:29, no matter how much data I have burned on there.

When KProbe is scanning, it’ll encounter numerous errors as it tries to read the unburned portions of the +RW.

Is there something wrong w/ my burner, or just the software?

NOTE: 4.2 GB of DATA was burned, on 2 DVD+RW’s, 1 burned w/ this burner, and the other with an NEC ND-3500AG, using Nero.

Using Nero CD-DVD Speed, the NEC drive reported the correct length of the DVD+RW, but the Lite-On drive didn’t.

Any help would be appreciated.

the +rw ricoh 2.4X i use can not be scanned [811s]with Kprobe For some reason kprobe stops at 90% dont no why
all the others DVD+R -R scans are good
for that reason i use nero cd speed pi\po scan for scanning the +rw

Well, if I manually set the MSF MODE time, I can scan it no prob, it’s just that AUTO DETECT refuses to detect the correct size.

Is anyone else familar w/ this, and maybe offer a possible solution? like different firmware, crossflashing, etc.

KProbe will only detect the correct size of the disc, if you close the session. :wink:

I’m using Nero Burning Rom, using standard DVD (ISO) setting, i made sure the session was closed upon initial burn, but still, doesn’t work.

I use the same mediacode, only different brand (SKS).
Having no probs, see the scan and firmware I use, maybe it works for you.
SOHW-1633S@1653S CS09

Wierd thing is, I have stuff I scanned w/ KProbe a few months ago w/ this drive & had no probs auto-detecting it, scan went through, done, no prob.

Now I put the older RW media in here, it just can’t seem to detect the correct size on its own, but I can enter the time manually & it’ll scan just fine.

btw, Orange12 , that scan looks a bit high…doesn’t it?

Here’s my latest scan, using: SOHW-1213s@1633s (FW: BS0K), and manually entering the time under MSF Mode.

Yep, I think, I used it to much on my 1st writer a NEC1300a. Where I could only burn this disk with 2,4x speed.

But still, he plays fine on my 2 home dvd-players.