Problems running CD-DVD Speed on NEC3500

I cannot get the the Nero DV-DVD Speed tool to run with my NEC3500AG. When I start the “Disc Quality Test” I get an error message saying:

“Drive does not support this function”

Still, the CDSpeed site says that it should work cdspeed2000

I use CD-DVD Speed 3.80 and Liggy & Dee’s LD_2TB_RC2 formware for my NEC3500.

Anyone who can tell what I am doing wrong? :confused:

Attached is also a snapshot of the error message (if that helps clarify my problem).

The NEC3500 does NOT support this quality testing so there’s nothing you can do about it.
If you go to the NEC DVD-Recorder section you’ll find plenty of discussion about whether NEC will release the appropriate firmware to support quality testing.

Two things:

  1. You don’t have the correct firmware.
    Firmware 2.R8 will give you the scanning capability you’re looking for. However, yes there’s always a catch, mums the word on this firmware being released to the general public. So unless it gets release, the 3500 will not have this capability. Sit tight and see if anything gets released.

  2. You don’t have the correct drives.
    I believe the 3520, 3530(?), and 3540 are the drives that have scanning capabilities. However, yes there’s another catch, you will have to spend $$$ just to have the scanning capability. I wouldn’t do it.

Also, the 3500 is one of the finest burners made in the last year. I have yet to scan anything of what I burn that was anything other than very good. Unless you use marginal media you should not need scanning.

Thank you all for clarifying this to me!

“Trixie little site” cdspeed2000 saying that it should work with NEC3500 when it doesn’t…

However, I have never had any problems with my burned DVDs (have stuck to better media brands) so I suppose I might not really need it. “If it ain’t broken - don’t fix it” is true, but it is hard to the fingers away from the cookie jar. :slight_smile: