Problems ripping to Ipod

I’ve had this program for at least a year with no issues whatsoever. Now, with the latest upgrade I’ve got problems up the ying-yang. I have two laptops, one with XP and one with Vista. Both are doing the same thing. I lost all the stuff on my Ipod so I’m ripping the same movies I had ripped previously with the old version and it worked fine. Now, half of the movies, when I try to move them to my Ipod says ‘This file can not be copied onto the Ipod because it cannot be played on this Ipod’. I’m making sure that it’s set to full movie and ipod before ripping because I thought it was me the first time or two. But other movies are fine (and I don’t mess with the settings so I know it’s not me). The other issue is the audio gets ahead of the video. I’ve had this problem with other similar programs but never this one so I’m REALLY disappointed in this new upgrade.

I love DVDFab and purchased the Platinum version for converting to my mobile devices. Unfortunately the audio on about half my conversions is out of sync. Many other here having the same problem.

So I will use DVDFab for ripping only and HandBrake (free) for conversion to mobile. Handbrake has quite a number of advance options and you can create your own profiles as well. It takes a little longer to convert to MPEG or other files but audio is never out of sync for me. You can batch the conversions as well.

I hate to reccomend another program here but the audio sync problem ends up wasting a lot of time. I test every new version (and Beta) of DVDFab Plat on the same DVD to see if it is fixed yet.

I love DVD Fab Platinum, but ever since I downloaded the newest version this morning, I’ve had exactly the same problem as hrtgoeson, above. Whenever I try ripping a movie to ipod, DVD Fab says the action has been completed successfully, but when I try to sync the movie to my ipod, I get the message, “This file was not copied onto this ipod because it cannot be played on this ipod.”

I’m hoping a future version will fix this, but in the meantime, does anyone know of any kind of patch? Or is it possible to find an earlier version of DVD Fab that I can download, one that doesn’t have this problem?

(For what it’s worth, I’m using Vista on an HP computer.)