Problems ripping MUSIC cd

im a newbie here, but i know firsthand how helpful these forums can be, so here goes nothing…

i recent bought a somewhat old cd (mark ronson-here comes the fuzz), and i want to rip it to my computer so that i can transfer it to my ipod. the problem is, EAC doesn’t detect it as an audio cd, and therefore cannot rip it. is there any way for me to get this cd to behave like a normal audio cd? what type of cd protection does it have? btw, the studio is Elektra Entertainment group

thanks to all who reply

Does your operating system detect it as an audio cd?

windows xp detects the cd itself, but not as an audio cd. when i insert it, it doesn’t play like a normal audio cd would.
this is what the icon looks like in my computer:

this is what the disc contains:

what type of audio cd protection is this

anybody? help greatly appreciated

I have been ripping music from CDs with copy protect on them to WMAs through MSmediaplayer. It will not recognize the music tracks and will not let me see them nor rip them as it takes me directly to some program on the first track. What has worked for me several times is to do the following:

1-look at the disc and see if there appears to be 2 separate “tracks”
2-if there are, take some masking tape and with a razor blade cut 2-1/4 inch strips and place them firmly over only one “Track” symmetrical on 2 side (Balance) Make sure the tape is on tight and balanced. Trim off what is not needed on outside of the disk.
3-place in drive and it will not read the track covered.

I have ripped the music direct to MSMediaplayer as if there was no copy protect!! It will allow me to bring it into Itunes but in their format only that will not allow me to play or burn on anything other than their proprietary software. This sucks as I paid $ for the music tracks to use in any format that I want.

You might be able to try Easy CD-DA Extactor to do what you need to do. Try it and see what happens.