Problems ripping multiple discs



I am currently running

DVD Shrink

I have gotten multiple problems over the last few days while trying to rip DVDs to my hard drive. Have not had it in the past, but just started now. Happened on the following movies:

Everybody’s Fine
The Boys Are Back
When in Rome

Most of the time, it has been a out of memory message. Other times, AnyDVD has failed to decrypt the disc. I believe I am running the latest version of everything, but it still is not working.

Plenty of space on my hard drive (over 600GB) and I am not trying to rip them to DVD, just to store on the hard drive for windows media center.


Try uninstalling then updating to the latest version (currently v6.6.7.0).



First try Wombler’s advice.
If that doesn’t work for you .Rip to your HDD with AnyDVD & then load that rip into DVDShrink to compress it.
You should only need to do that on "problem " movies.
If you still have a problem ripping this way that isolates the problem as AnyDVD & your OS & hardware.
If the rip works this way then the problem is with DVDShrink .It is either having problems working with AnyDVD on these movies or with your OS & hardware.