Problems removing riplock

flashed dvr-111d to DB dvr-111l 8.19, read speeds were 3.6x which is pretty lame, downloaded mcse and clicked the “increase read speed” box, assuming this is to remove riplock… tried to reflash and get some unable to something kernel blah blah…tried in safe mode, same thing… any ideas? could find anything on removing riplock in the search, im lost.

MCSE removes the riplock, never had this problem, make sure there is no disc in the drive, also shouldn’t make a difference but rename the patched file back to the original name

worked this time…now i gotta reboot, might have had a disc in last time, was ripping my hair out trying to get some software to do labelflash, finally got it after 3 hours.

anyone know how to do discT@2 ? or is it yamaha brand only drives that can do it? i followed the click finalize, disc at once, then click the misc tab and select disct@2 directions but on the misc tab it just has cache files settings, thats it no mention of disct@2, using nero 7 premium…

click the yellow disc with a red v in the middle icon in the toolbar

I thought the DB A11 1.23 FW removed RL or am I mistaken?

pumaUK - it seems to only work with dvd’s, if i have a cd in it will say disc type: not supported…if a dvd is in it says disc type: dvd-r

On CDs there is no riplock, for what anyway?!?!?

chef i think he means the disct@2 feature

yeah t@2 on cd’s…no option anywhere, but i can labelflash away… i dunno

hmmmm im thinking no that it might be because my cd-r’s are silverish and not blue

[B]@ vairox[/B]
I could be wrong here and if I am, hopefully someone will correct me, I believe the DiscT@2 feature is applicable to DVD recordable media and not CDR.

My understanding is that the feature requires a minimum of 900MB, which is more than the capacity of a CDR.

yes correct this is only for DVDR media

So it is. For DVD media only.

What should that prove? Is the Pio a Yamaha CD-RW or what?


That example was clearly written to a blank disc.
Once the disc is tattooed, nothing else can be written to it.

The technology utilizes the unused portion of the disc in order to write DiscT@2.
There could be several explanations why you are not able to get this feature to work for you on a CDR.

First, there may be no space left on the disc. Since DiscT@2 is written in the unused space (usually the outer edges of the disc) there would be no area left to tattoo. Graphic images can only be placed outside of the already-written area, in order to avoid data loss.

Secondly, when the technology emerged back in 2002, the Yamaha CRW-F1 had a 8MB memory in which it stored the graphics data. This integrated with the Yamaha YDC132V LSI chip. It is possible that this had a major influence in the drive’s capability to write DiscT@2 to CDR media. The technology was exclusive.

Perhaps you may want to attempt this with a blank disc to see if it is possible to use DiscT@2 with a CDR on a Pioneer drive. Or maybe a disc with ample unused space to accommodate the graphics.

In order for the DiscT@2 feature to work you have to make sure that you are burning the data compilation with the [B]No Multisession[/B] option checked and use the [B]Disc-at once[/B] write method.

You will be writing the data and the DiscT@2 information simultaneously. The disc MUST be finalised.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

What should that prove? Is the Pio a Yamaha CD-RW or what?

actually if you LOOK above it is stated that it may be capable only on DVD media, and if you READ the article it states that it works on CD media, no one has stated that it is possible ONLY on Yamaha branded drives.

Nemesys - i really don’t care about T@2, i just wanted to see if it looks better than labelflash (which looks like crap) and just wanted to mess with it basically… i followed all of the directions and no go, AFAIC it’s useless just like labelflash… might be cool when they come out with the 4 color mode or whatever, but right now it’s a joke.

It won’t work on Cd media with non Yamaha F1 burners because Yamaha never released it for other burners. It’s just how it is, whatever other tell you. Anyway.

fair enough… i thought they licensed it to others …nec and labelflash? i dunno…hp and LS ? pointless anyhow, IMO nothing beats a sharpie.