Problems recording



I have a Plextor 8432A (8x rec, IDE) and a Philips 48x IDE drive, With the recorder came the 3.6 version of winoncd. I downloaded CDRWin 3.8A and Nero and started recording. With Winoncd I have no problem recording, the only problem is that the program probably doesn't copy well some protected cd's because in some games they say the cd isn't in drive, when it is. With Nero, no matter what config I try, it reaches 2% and then freezes, beeing Control+Alt+Del the solution. With CDRWin it records but when I try to acess the cd it has no files in it, although an inspection with a track view program shows all the tracks correctly.
An example of this problem is Age of Empires 2, game I tried to copy with the 3 programs, without success.
Just a final note, nor the recorder nor the reader support raw reading/writing.

Thanks in advance