Problems recognizing CD-RW discs

Hey! I am having problem with an ASUS drv-104 (technically the same as Pioneer’s 104; the computer recognizes the drive as Prioneer) recognizing Arita Cd-rw. I have no clue what the problem is. I have tried different programs, but the programs simply don’t recognise the disc (I have tried several of the ten CD-RWs I bought).

Nero says “Illegal medium - Please insert a rewritable disc”.
I have windows XP, flashed my burner with the latest firmware, and other discs have burned fine so far.

The CD-RW are named Arita - CD-RW Multi speed Professional (650mb or 74 min)

I’d really be thankful if anyone would help me!

My impression of that drive is that it only writes 4x on CDRW media. Which probably means that you are trying to use “high-speed” RW media in a drive that can only accept 4x.

ok, but does it matter? If so, can I do anything to fix it or do I have to return the CDs? What CD-RWs shall I buy in the future?

4x RW discs are usable in any RW drive.
10x/12x RW discs are only usable in “high speed” and “ultra speed” drives.
24x RW discs are usable only in “ultra speed” drives.

well, as far as i understand, a 24x cdrw will not be able to be written by a 4x cdrw drive.

but, can the 24x cdrw be read by the 4x cdrw drive?


The reflectivity is different on the discs, so it all depends on the drive. My 12x RW drive reads them fairly well.

I do not know what to say… Thanx a lot for the advice, but I guess I have to sell my DVD-burner, cause it ain’t worth the money. Lite-one, here I come! Btw, is there any difference between lite-on burner 48x and 52x? Such as better ability to read CDs. Thanx again, and great forum!

I have the Pioneer A05. I really love the drive! I just couldn’t wait for the Lite-On DVD +/- burner. I will buy one for my second PC if the price is right.

Is there a hacked firmware for the Pioneer A04? That may make your drive a better performer.

is there any difference between lite-on burner 48x and 52x?

Not as far as we know. Firmware is different, but they seem to be performing the same. My 52x burner is awesome, better quality burns than any drive I’ve owned. for the slight difference in price, I’d get the 52x drive on the odd chance that it might be a slightly better piece of hardware, but I have no evidence to support that idea.

I just couldn’t wait for the Lite-On DVD +/- burner.

The Initial LiteOn DVD burner will be DVD+R/+RW only, not a combo burner.

I was under the impression that it was +/-. Guess I am wrong. That is still ok as I have the - pioneer. I hope my current drive doesn’t go the way of the Betamax!

The initial plan was for a +/- DVD burner, but apparently it was too difficult to implement in an “under $200” drive. The Mediatek chipset in the drive will actually support both formats, but will be firmware restricted to the + format. This of course raises the question of whether it will eventually be “flashable” to a combo drive, but that’s probably a dream.