Problems recognising Verbatim CDRs

Strange problem this. I have a nec dvd burner and a optorite cdrw on the secondary ide connector.

In order to use Verbatim 52x CDRs, I have to place the disk in the dvd drive first, remove the disk then put it in the cdrw drive in order to burn at full speed!

If I try and put the cdr disk in the cdrw drive first, it will only burn at 4x speed as it doesn’t seem to get recognised properly without the help of the dvd drive.

Nero info confirms this strange behaviour in both windows me and windows xp. I have the latest firmware for both drives.

Anyone had similar issues?

Ver weird. I have not seen this, but I would want to check the cable and the jumpers as well as the DMA settings. Also you might want to see what the Optorite does when it is alone or change the positions on the cable.

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