Problems Reading DVDs

So I’ve been using DVDFab Express Mode to copy some of my movies, and it was working just fine for a short while, but recently I seem to have problems getting any DVD player to read the discs that are burnt.

At first my movies would take a LONG time to finally start up in my dvd player… it would just sit at the loading/reading disc screen for a while. In my XBOX the movies wouldn’t load at all, and would just show an audio track that it couldn’t play (assuming this was my movie).

Recently however, my dvd players won’t read the disc at all. I used to have to wait about 5 minutes (literally… a very long time when I want to watch a movie) and now after waiting, nothing at all will happen.

I haven’t added any other new software to my PC that would conflict, and as far as I know I’m not doing anything differently… I tried buying new DVDs to see if it was the discs themselves, and I have the same problem on both… Does anyone have any idea as to whats going on, or how I may possibly fix this problem?

Thanks very much in advance!


Well I wish someone could have replied to me and at least explained what I did wrong to not even get a response of any kind. I fixed the problem on my own. If anyone is wondering how I did this, I used a different program called CloneDVD2 by SlySoft. I don’t know why, but the DVDs I wrote with this program would load a lot quicker than they did with DVDFab.

Thanks for the thoughts if at one time you considered replying to my query.