Problems reading dvds recorded in 107D



I have a pioneer 107D with the 1.21 firmware and have recorded some divx files to princo DVD-R and mmore dvd-rw.
Reading those dvds in my toshiba dvd drive and kiss dp-1000 dvd player it reads all files without problems.
However, when I try to copy all files to a friend in his LG dvd player or samsung TS-H552B the drives start delaying at some files and gives the cyclic redundancy error in some of the files, I can copy some of the divx files in those dvd-r, dvd-rw. :frowning:
The LG and Samsung dvd are on diferent computers with windows xp, I’m using windows 2000.
I’ve never seen nothing like this, what can be the problem?
Those LG and Samsung drives sucks?
The way 107D record is incompatible with those drives?
recording options?
princo and mmore media is bad?
dvd-r is worst than dvd+r?
I’m using nero
I really can’t understand this… please help