Problems reading DVD's after burning (Liteon LDW-811)


I have this problem: I have a Liteon LDW811S writer, with the latest (official) firmware. I have no problems writing DVD’s (I always use Princo’s) and I can perfectly play all copies on both my stand alone DVD players (living room and bedroom) but I can not read them on any of my DVD-ROM drives, not even the Liteon writer which wrote them in the first place!

So, is this a normal behaviour? I think not. Strange that the computer can’t read them, en standalone players can.

Just found out today, it’s not a single DVD I’m having this problem with, I’ve tried all off them, all the same!

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Ii seems a media related problem. Princo discs are not the best, and many users on this forum (me too) says to avoid these discs because of their very low quality.

My experiences with princo and liteon 811 are all very bad; my litey definitively hates these discs.

Moreover, the very few princo discs not converted to coasters after a couple of months became unreadable. But the latter is only my experience.

^ ditto to geno888

if you can get hold of the datawrite red top RicohJPN R01`s they should burn nicely in your aging 811s. i would also recomend using eather HSOK or HSOP from the codecuys web site.

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did you notice that the errors got worse after playing it in your dvd due to dust, temperature change and change in the media dioxide itself. try cleaning it with cloth or your clothes, it would help clear out those finger prints.
this is a problem with your media quality, some other burner maybe able to read them better but is not a guaranteed to read them perfectly or at all.